Solutions for Collaboration

Our unified communication solutions make your workday more efficient

A good unified communication solution allows you to work where you are, and manage your own day. Several methods of communication are collected in one place, and can be used according to needs and purpose.

Communicate everywhere

With a unified communication solution from Intelecom you can use the same methods of communication anywhere. Get the job done, and become more productive when travelling. The unified communication client is available on various equipment and platforms – PC, Mac, hand-held smart tablets and phones. The solution immediately lets you know whether colleagues are available for communication

Manage your own day

The solution lets you know your physical position, and the communication is adapted accordingly. When you are in a meeting, you do not want to be disturbed by the phone, but you can still receive an important instant message. Set your status to “Do Not Disturb” when you do not want to be available.

Choose your method of communication according to time and place

Use IM’s when you expect an immediate response, and e-mail for usual matters. For personal and direct communication, you can use speech and video with document sharing. You can go from simple to advanced methods according to your need.