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For more than 30 years, the Intelecom Group AS have built a recognised, professional delivery, project and support organisation for offshore and onshore telecommunications solutions. We offer a wide range of products and services for various customer groups, for example Telecom Management System (TMS), telephony, United Communications, IPTV and infrastructure solutions. 24/7 support is available to our customers through our Telecom Operations Centre, 365 days a year!

TMS - Teleovervåkningssystem

Intelecom TMS is a NORSOK T-100 compatible solution that allows you to run all your telecommunication systems with a single control system. Makes offshore data system monitoring easier, as well as logging and presenting alarms in an integrated environment.

Intelecom provides a “one-stop shopping” concept for telecommunication systems on board. Our systems are seamlessly integrated, and based on proven standards. The solutions maintain all needs relating to information, communication, safety and entertainment on board.


Do you spend more time dealing with technology than running your business? Intelecom provides administrated and operative services in several areas, including telecommunication systems monitoring and wireless offshore communication.

Offshore Consultants

Intelecom’s consultants have their skills from global and complex projects, as well as several years’ experience with both offshore and onshore telecommunication. Our portfolio consists of experienced field installers, field engineers, senior engineers and project managers with a good standing in the market. We hire all our consultants on a full-time basis, which leads to reliable and stable consultant services.

We are concerned with all our consultants having a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and NORSOK experience.

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