Service & Support

We know that fast and efficient support is crucial

A hotel should be focusing on their guests, and not the on-site technology. At Intelecom, we are fully aware of this, and have high expectations of ourselves as a supplier. We should be available to you, our customer, and preferably deal with a problem before you even notice it exists. Rest assured that whatever your enquiry is, we will take care of your needs. Quickly and efficiently

We are on alert – all day, every day

Most of our hotel customers never close. They expect support from their suppliers 24/7, if need be. We also have clients all over Scandinavia. That is why Intelecom has built a decentralised organisation that is able to provide support and assistance to a customer wherever they are within Scandinavia. Our clients can get in touch with our Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) around the clock, and we have a total of 50 technical resources assisting our clients. This is all managed and coordinated by our dedicated TAC team in Oslo, which is the centre of rotation for monitoring our customers’ solutions and services, as well as managing support enquiries from our customers.

Intelecom are ITIL certified, and all enquiries are registered in one support system, so that both Intelecom and our customers are able to track the progress of registered enquiries.

Intelecom holds the highest certification in the Nordic region within the technology we offer

All of Intelecom’s resources have been thoroughly trained and educated in the services and solutions we provide for our customers. Among other things, we hold the highest certification in the Nordic region within technology from Alcatel-Lucent and Aruba Networks. Our customers can rest assured that we have both the skills and capability within our organisation to provide assistance where needed.

Intelecom knows that a contract with a client not only entails the written commitments. It is equally important to us that our customers know and feel that they can trust us. We always strive to comply with contracts, and keep all of our promises made in communication with a client. That is why our ability to comply with this is measured continuously. All processes and routines are subject to continuous revision and consideration via Intelecom’s ISO 9001 certification.

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