Wifi & Networks

You guests expect a fast and stable wireless network

Unfortunately, these expectations are often not met, much to the aggravation of hotel guests, who are not known for forgetting easily! Did you know that all of 70 % of hotel guests in Norway have recently experienced problems with the wireless internet connection in hotels?

Our survey conducted during spring 2015 indicates that:

  • 77 % experience bad connection and low speed.
  • 63 % of internet-users experience unstable guest networks.
  • 42 % want to use the TV to stream their own content.
  • 70 % will not come back to a hotel with a bad internet connection.

A great network is a prerequisite for providing the guests with excellent services and experiences. In fact, technology and WiFi in hotels are ranked as one of the most important criteria for the guests when choosing which hotel to stay in.

Being able to provide stable wireless networks in hotels is not always easy. Modern networks must provide stability, security, speed and connectivity, whichever device the guest chooses to use – and they should be able to connect with several devices at once!

Expertise and solid industry knowledge = security

Intelecom are widely experienced in supplying and operating WiFi and networks. Our solutions are based on leading technology from major suppliers, and are adapted to the needs of the hotel, specifically related to telephony, TV and WiFi access.

We have separate experts working solely with wiring networks for hotels, as well as installation and commissioning of internet solutions. These deliveries require an extensive expertise and excellent industry knowledge. Intelecom saves you costly intermediaries and coordinating several suppliers.

Benefits of choosing Intelecom as WiFi/network supplier for your hotel:

  • Modern wireless and wired networks based on the latest standards
  • High security, capacity and stability
  • Easy to use
  • Industry adapted solutions
  • Capable of accommodating a large amount of users and connected devices
  • Maximise the use of available internet capacity
  • Intelecom holds the highest certification in the Nordic region within the technology we offer
  • Site surveys are included