Everything a guest could want in a TV solution, and more!

#Thatfeeling … Lying stretched out in a comfy hotel bed, watching your own content on the TV, and everything you need just a touch away!

It is often all in your head – but with InnSpire, it is all in a keyboard stroke. Just imagine a hotel TV that is integrated in the rest of the IT solutions in the hotel, where the guests can easily find their way around the available channels, stream online and acquire their own content, find updated information about hotel services, facilities and what the local community has to offer. It can in fact satisfy their wishes and requirements – all just a keyboard stroke away.

If you need to have something done in the room, like changing towels or a light bulb, or if the guest wants something to eat, this can easily be reported through the InnSpire system. The message is sent to the “appropriate” staff, and the service is provided immediately. The guest can even order their SPA appointment for the next day using the very same remote. People say there is no place like home, but we say otherwise! What more can a guest wish for in a television solution?

So why leave it at that?

More than 40 % of Norwegian hotel guests think TV solutions in hotels today are unsatisfactory. They want to use the hotel TV on their own terms, and to display their own contents.

The modern hotel guest has already brought their favourite TV channels, programs and series with them when arriving at your hotel, along with their own pictures and their own music. So, why not give them what they want?

We feel confident in claiming that the InnSpire IPTV solution from Intelecom will play a role in ensuring that your guests stay in your hotel next time they are in town!

  • InnSpire has won the prestigious HTNG Most Innovative Hospitality Technology award.
  • The world’s most comprehensive IPTV solution for hotels.
  • Easy implementation and application.
  • Modular system with over 80 different modules to choose from, uniquely adapting the solution to your hotel.
  • With Guest Media Streaming, guests are able to stream their own contents with iOS, DLNA and Miracast.
  • Fully Customized Branding protects the identity of your hotel, and InnSpire can mirror the hotel branding.
  • With Express Checkout, the guest is able to check out with a single click.
  • The H-Commerce sales module sells food and or services and includes a separate module for selling SPA services.