Radio communications

Safe, secure and efficient communication with walkie-talkies

Did you think that radio communication with walkie-talkies was an extinct technology? Wrong! A solid radio solution works considerably better than the alternatives, is wireless and does not require internet access or mobile coverage.

Walkie-talkies are used in the armed forces, police, fire and rescue services and safety services in connection with short distance communication between mobile units, as well as in hotels where safe, secure and efficient communication is valued.

As far as efficient internal communication in hotels goes, nothing beats these small, hand-held devices. Whether you are hosting major events, attending to hotel safety or looking to get a fast response from an employee – walkie-talkies are a sure thing made even surer by Intelecom!

Like a customer of ours once said: “Our staff being able to use walkie-talkies is a prerequisite for efficient operation of our hotel.” We believe that!

Intelecom uses licensed and very powerful radios that work in almost all conditions and buildings:

  • Coverage is a common problem. Our radios will often cover a whole hotel without requiring any auxiliary equipment.
  • The radios are solid, robust and designed to be used in challenging conditions.
  • The complaint rate of our radios are almost at 0 %.
  • Customers using radios in hotels are among our most satisfied clients – they are easy to use, and always work, regardless of the situation.
  • Radios significantly increase the efficiency and smoothness of processes in hotels.