Access Solutions

A fully mobile guest solution from Intelecom

These days the average hotel guest demands an efficient and swift process for check in/check out and accessing a hotel room. Unfortunately, the majority of today’s hotels often have outdated solutions in this area, resulting in a diminished guest experience.

Intelecom has together with suppliers of PMS systems developed a fully mobile guest solution, eliminating the need for standing in line waiting to check in, or even going to a self-service kiosk to perform a check-in or check-out. Guests can check-in online before they arrive at the hotel through a mobile application. When the guest arrives at the hotel he or she can collect a room key from a smart kiosk solution in the lobby, or go directly to the assigned room using a PIN-code received by SMS and e-mail to enter.

On the day of check-out, the guest can simply pass by the kiosk, settle any remaining balance, and the bill will be e-mailed to their account. Or even better – just leave without doing anything at all, the system will ensure correct invoicing.

Intelecom Access mean reducing the hotels operational costs, whilst improving the guest experience by offering the guest the fastest way to arrive and check-out from your hotel. It also allows your team to focus on creating real guest experiences, instead of having to handle long queues in the reception.

Access Solutions