Industry Knowledge

We are invested in the challenges of the hospitality market

Intelecom are investing heavily in the hospitality sector. However, in order to succeed, we need to offer the right products, the right expertise and the right customers. This will not happen by itself. That is why comprehensive industry knowledge of the hospitality market is crucial, and we seek this knowledge every day.

Our experience has taught us what your hotel needs

We have learned a thing or two during our 30 years in the industry. We know that technology is critical for hotels, although they often prefer to outsource operations and not want to spend significant resources in this field. The hotel staff just wants everything around them to work perfectly, so that they can spend all their attention on their guests. This is a basic knowledge that is reflected everything Intelecom does, and everything we deliver to this sector. Robust solutions that are up to scratch and easy to use are the only alternative for our hotel customers.

Our knowledge of hotels are found in the hospitality market, of course

At Intelecom, we live and breathe for the hospitality sector. Everyday, we go out and visit hotels, talk with suppliers and search for relevant knowledge with others who know more than we do. At the same time, we, as the only player in the industry, have a panel of nearly 1,000 hotel guests whom we interview on a regular basis in order to figure out what they expect and want from hotel technology. We believe that knowing is better than believing. Only then can we gain trust and credibility when talking to our clients.

Understanding the market is the very foundation upon which our business is built

In order to become great at something, you have to work hard at it. And we are working hard at the hospitality market. We have to know what is going on in the market, and when. This applies both to our customers and your customers – the hotel guests. We regularly conduct market surveys in order to stay ahead of the development, as well as following national and international surveys and reports on trends and development. But most importantly – we are not sitting behind a desk thinking, we are in the field where the action is!