Hospitality solutions that create efficient operations and satisfied guests

With Intelecom Hospitality Solutions you can offer your hotel guests the service they expect and deserve. We provide technical planning and implementation of integrated solutions. You are ensured high quality, safe and rapid communication, so that you can run your hotel more efficiently. We assume responsibility for operation and maintenance, and help you give your guests the best possible user experience.

With our solid industry knowledge, high expertise and quality assurance at all levels as well as flexible solutions and payment models, Intelecom ensures added value to your business, and the best possible experience for you, your guests and your hotel.


A hotel has to deal with lots of ever changing technology, and this can be a challenge. In order to meet the needs, wishes and demands of your customers, you need not only capable staff, but efficient technical solutions.

​​Integrerte løsninger

A hotel uses a significant amount of technology that all needs to work together. The PMS system can often be describes as the heart of a hotel. Everything is recorded in the PMS system, and the information forms a basis for smooth hotel operation. This is why integrating various technical platforms and services is essential in a modern hotel.


Intelecom invests heavily in the hospitality sector. However, in order to succeed, we need to offer the right products, the right expertise and the right customers. This will not happen by itself. That is why comprehensive knowledge of the hospitality market is crucial, and we seek this knowledge every day.

​Service og support

A hotel should be focusing on their guests, and not the on-site technology. We are fully aware of this here at Intelecom, and we place high demands on ourselves as a supplier. We should be available to you, our customer, and preferably deal with a problem before you even notice it exists. Rest assured that whatever your inquiry is, we will take care of your needs. Quickly and efficiently.

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