Customer Placed Video Solutions

Customer placed video solutions based on our own infrastructure

Perhaps your company or organisation requires its own infrastructure, or perhaps you have already invested in such a video infrastructure?  This involves special adjustment and security requirements for a hybrid or customer placed video solution. Intelecom and our partners in audiovisual systems can provide you with design and implementation of such customer placed video solutions.

We understand that each organisation’s requirements are different, and we will strive to understand your wishes and deliver an optimal video solution according to your needs. Our customer placed video solutions cover anything from large conference rooms and auditoriums to smaller rooms and desk solutions.

Intelecom offers operation, service and support

Many organisations want to control their own equipment in their own network, while the need for customised arrangements requires a customer placed video solution. If required, Intelecom can assume responsibility for running and maintaining your video solutions later. Our experience and expertise with in-room video solutions will ensure that you, as our customer, get a video system that is stable, secure and up-to-date at all times. With a service and support arrangement for your video solutions, our experts will be on-hand to assist you when you need them!