Video Solutions

Video solutions for all needs imaginable – from the simplest to the most advanced

Video conferencing solutions have been on the market for years, but it is only during the last few years that the user-friendliness and quality have become good enough for the solutions to be used in any organisation. Modern technology makes it possible to conduct meetings with participants sitting in a meeting room with in-room video solutions, participants with installed video clients as well as participants using their own web browser as a video client. This gives employees or partners the ability to efficiently communicate regardless of their physical location.

Video solutions adapted to your goals and requirements
There are several factors to take into account in order for a conference system such as this to provide successful results. It is important that you choose a video solution that is best suited to your goals and requirements. This will control which equipment you need, and how to design an optimal room solution for your organisation. At Intelecom, we will use our experience and expertise to assist your organisation in designing and providing complete video solutions. We have video solutions that cover all needs imaginable, from simple arrangements for offices to complex systems for large conference rooms. The video solutions can be customer placed, cloud-based or a combination of the two.

A major challenge the last few years has been the various manufacturers’ proprietary interaction standards, and this has limited interaction across various solutions. As our customer, Intelecom provides you with the opportunity to communicate across these standards. Our solutions bring people together across locations, devices and technology platforms. Organisations that have implemented these solutions are just as comfortable calling a video conference as a traditional telephone conference, with all of the benefits of visual dimension in communication amongst people.

Reap the benefits of Intelecom’s experience and expertise
As one of the leading suppliers of interaction in the Nordic region, Intelecom has established a substantial customer base within video solutions. We have customers in transport and travel, energy, oil and gas and the public sector. With our wide expertise and experience in interaction, Intelecom has developed strong ties with providers of equipment and services for video solutions. We provide everything from video systems to large room solutions, and help adapt them to individual needs in order to create an optimal user experience of the complete solution.

A typical video solution from Intelecom starts with a needs assessment before moving forward with any room designs, in order to create an optimal user experience. For larger projects, an experienced project manager will coordinate and execute the project in close collaboration with you as our customer, as well as our skilled technicians and any other necessary workers.