Customer Placed Telephony

Customer placed telephony solutions with high demands to speech quality

Many still choose telecommunication solutions based on the traditional PBX. High demands to speech quality is an important reason. This applies to consumer groups with connections that include public services, customer centres, caseworker environments, hotels, banks and brokerage houses. A telecommunication solution from Intelecom is efficient, stable and secure. IP based telephony provides cost-efficient solutions with the possibility of expansion. We create an integrated solution that combines the needs of various consumer groups.

Intelecom’s telephony solution allows employees to have their own work number that works both on the landline and the user’s mobile phone. Once the workday is over, the work number is disabled, and the user is privately accessible with their usual phone number.

A typical solution from Intelecom integrates mobile solutions, Skype for Business and fixed-network telephony seamlessly with switchboard services, contact centres and video services. The users choose which unit they want to use – mobile phone, Skype for Business, Softphone or desk telephone.

Intelecom can also prolong the service life of your old PBX by integrating it with modern UC solutions and mobile operating services. This way, your users can choose the equipment best suited to their needs.

Our technicians have many years of experience with integration, and enjoy a challenge.

Service & Support
We assume full responsibility for our solutions and offer various service and support plans – from simple emergency response plans, to plans where we commit to 24/7 troubleshooting and support availability. Our TAC centre is on standby 24/7, 365 days a year. The centre is staffed with highly certified personnel with many years of experience. We commit to offering the best support in the market, and we know that our support and service are crucial to the client’s success.

Intelecom provides telephony based on equipment from Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft Skype for Business and Cisco. These can be combined with switchboard and contact centre solution Intelecom Connect, or solutions from other suppliers, such as Trio or Sourcetech.