Your company’s communication hub – a switchboard for all channels

Intelecom is a leading supplier of switchboards and customer centre solutions to the Norwegian and international market. A switchboard is per definition a hub in a company’s communication solution, where various types of incoming traffic is lead to an answering station. The main function of the switchboard is to receive traffic as efficiently as possible, and pass it on to the correct recipient. This traffic has traditionally been telephone traffic, but over the last few years, it has grown to include e-mail, SMS, chat and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The answering location has traditionally been a specially designed switchboard unit with operators receiving and forwarding the traffic.

Today’s solutions are far more flexible. The switchboard function now follows the operator, and can be operated from any computer, tablet or smart phone. We call this free seating, which also means that a company is able to have switchboard operators sitting in different geographical locations managing the same traffic.

The switchboard solution is often connected to the company’s employee base and e-mail solution, and can read the employees’ availability status and provide accurate information directly to the caller. Another popular function is voicing the absence of the employee from their calendar directly to the caller, after which the caller can choose to be forwarded to the operator, voice mail, mobile phone etc.

Because Intelecom’s switchboard solutions are technology independent, they can be connected to various types of telephony solutions from various manufacturers – often within a single solution.

A beneficial solution for you as our customer

Intelecom works solely with real-time communication. This field of expertise includes switchboard, call centre, internet telephony, IP telephony, mobile telephony, video conferencing, interaction solutions, wireless and wired data networks and operating services. This means that you can feel safe in knowing that our consultants’ assessments and recommendations are cost-efficient and provide added value and profitability.

Combined switchboard and contact centre solution

Switchboard and contact centre from Intelecom can be combined in a single solution. This provides you as our customer with increased efficiency and profitability, because your employees are able to operate both the switchboard and contact centre functions. This is a suitable solution for example for a local authority service centre, university student centre or the customer centre of a power station.