Customer Placed Contact Centre

The contact centre – the face of the company

Intelecom has provided customer placed and cloud based solutions for contact centres with everywhere from 10 to 20,000 customer service agents. The contact centre is often the face of the company, and is important in terms of customer availability, no matter how they wish to contact the company.

We will share a great customer experience with 10 people, and a bad one with 100 people. Intelecom are experienced and skilled in helping our customers serve their customers in the best possible way. Enquiries should be forwarded to the correct person with the right skills in order to provide the customer with a swift and accurate reply. This applies whether the customer calls, sends an e-mail or SMS, chats or uses Facebook. The company also needs to know how their customers get in touch, when they get in touch, how long they have to wait and how they feel they are met by the company employees.

All this is functionality that is available in Intelecom’s contact centre solutions, both in the cloud based solution Puzzel, and in the customer placed solutions from Trio and Alcatel Lucent.

Customer Placed and Cloud based Contact Centre

When closely integrating the contact centre with the telephony solution and internal system, where vital data must be kept safely within a secure network – one of Intelecom’s customer placed contact centre solutions is the answer. If the security issue is not vital, and leaving confidential data to be handled in Intelecom’s secure data center, a cloud based contact cenre solution might be the right option. Intelecom is a certified ISO 27001: 2015 company.

With solutions from leading manufacturers such as PuzzelAlcatel-Lucent and Enghouse Trio, Intelecom offers solution that are:

  • Multi channelled – manages voice, e-mail, chat, SMS and social media
  • Flexible – easily integrated with other applications
  • Stable – excellent proven uptime, plus service and support from Intelecom experts
  • Secure – located internally with the company, in order to meet security requirements
  • Efficient – can be used as both a contact centre and switchboard