Communication Solutions

Future-oriented and complete communication solutions with full flexibility

Intelecom’s communication solution, Intelecom Reach, provides companies with a future-oriented and complete communication and interaction solution. The solution is based on products from global leaders in communication and interaction: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise with OpenTouch and Microsoft with Skype for Business. Intelecom Reach combines the need for communication, collaboration, sharing, multi-tasking and multimedia with mobility for company employees. With an uncompromising solution, your employees will be able to communicate and interact with their surroundings whenever, where ever and with any device.

Companies that choose Intelecom Reach get a scalable and flexible communication and interaction solution that meets all quality, security and cost-efficiency requirements. The service is produced in Intelecom’s data centre in Norway. Intelecom is Payment Card Industry (PCI), ISO 27001 (security) and ISO 9001 (quality) certified. Through our “pay-per-use” model, your company will experience full flexibility, and have the ability to scale the solution to your needs, meaning that your company never pays more than it is actually using.

A brief description of Intelecom Reach:

  • Intelecom Reach Basic provides your company with a fully-fledged telephony solution with telephone sets.
  • Intelecom Reach Professional and Enterprise provide your company with a fully-fledged communication and interaction solution with various types of end-points (telephone set, PC, tablet and/or smart phone).
  • Intelecom Reach extensions provide your company with the ability to add several types of services, such as a simple switchboard, telefax, conference functionality, IVR, DECT and answering machine.

Benefits of Intelecom Reach:

  • Focus on the user: Intelecom Reach puts the communication and interaction needs of the user first, allowing the user to communicate and interact any time, anywhere on any device.
  • Scaled to fit the company’s needs: Intelecom Reach can be scaled up and down to fit the company’s needs, for example in cases of mergers, acquisitions, up and downsizing.
  • Full flexibility: Intelecom Reach is fully flexible in several dimensions in that your company can choose a hybrid solution and use the service on many devices. The prices are according to number of users, and auxiliaries can be added and removed according to your needs.
  • Independence towards carrier: Intelecom Reach provides the service regardless of your company’s carrier.
  • Always updated: Intelecom Reach will always be updated with the latest version, without requiring extensive upgrade projects with associated costs for your company.
  • Focus on quality and security: Intelecom are concerned with quality and security in everything we do, and hold a number of certifications, including ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and PCI.

Communication Solutions