Custom solutions for unified communications

Modern communication solutions are rapidly evolving. Trends are numerous, and possibilities endless. Meanwhile, you have your own unique needs and requirements. You might be looking to increase the level of communication among branch offices and between your company and travelling employees. Perhaps you have considered whether BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) might be a relevant and efficient tool for your employees? Intelecom has over 30 years of experience if this field, and offers solutions for unified communications that meet all the requirements of the company regarding flexibility, scalability and security.

Intelecom’s communication solution, Intelecom Reach, provides companies with a future-oriented and complete communication and interaction solution. The solution is based on products from global leaders in communication and interaction. Intelecom Reach combines the communication, collaboration, sharing, multi-tasking and multimedia experience with mobility for company employees. With an uncompromising solution, your employees will be able to communicate and interact with their surroundings whenever, where ever and with any device.

Video conferencing solutions have been on the market for years, but only in recent years have the solutions become user-friendly enough for widespread use in any organisation. Modern technology makes it possible to conduct meetings with participants sitting in a meeting room with in-room video solutions, participants with installed video clients as well as participants using their own web browser as a video client. This gives employees or partners the ability to efficiently communicate regardless of their physical location.

Intelecom is a leading supplier of switchboards and customer centre solutions to the Norwegian and international market. Because Intelecom’s switchboard solutions are technology independent, they can be connected to various types of telephony solutions from various manufacturers – often within a single solution. The solution can be provided either as a rental service, or be placed in the client’s data room.

With more than 30 years of experience with supplying stable and reliable telephony solutions, Intelecom can offer future-oriented cloud-based or customer placed telephony solutions. Our expertise allows us to design the best possible solution for each customer based on their wishes and requirements.

When closely integrating the contact centre with the telephony solution and internal system, where vital data must be kept safely within a secure network – one of Intelecom’s customer placed contact centre solutions is the answer. If the security issue is not vital, and leaving confidential data to be handled in Intelecom’s secure data center, a cloud based contact cenre solution might be the right option. From the smallest and simplest solutions, to the bigger and more advanced contact centres. We have provided customer placed solutions for contact centres with everywhere from 10 to 20,000 agents.

Intelecom has over 30 years of experience of offering solutions for unified communications that meet all the requirements of the company regarding flexibility, scalability and security. The unified communication client is available on various equipment and platforms – PC, Mac, hand-held smart tablets and phones. The solution immediately shows you the availability status of your colleagues.