Onshore TV-solutions

Onshore TV-solutions should cover a wide range of the user’s requirements

In hotels, guests expect the right selection of TV channels, as well as access to the same services and opportunities as in their homes – for example Facebook, YouTube and Spotify. Many guests also want to be able to display their personal contents on the in-room TV screen.

Using the latest IPTV technology, Intelecom provides a cost-effective and future-oriented TV system adapted to a wide range of customer needs based on end-user experience expectations.

The hotel can also use the TV-solution for check-in and check-out in order to reduce queueing in the reception area. Cleaning and service personnel are also able to have a more efficient workday by using several smart services that are integrated in the system.

Patients in hospitals or nursing homes should have a wide variety of content and functions to make their stay more comfortable. The institution also has to be aware of what is being shown on their television screens and the traffic through their network.

Here are a few examples of requirements that are covered in Intelecom’s TV-solutions. What do you need?


  • High quality TV and radio
  • The same easy user interface on TV, mobile phone and tablet
  • Display personal contents from mobile phone, PC or tablet
  • Cordless and cable-based internet access
  • Access to external contents (i.e. Foreign TV channels and podcasts)
  • Integration to booking systems
  • Video on demand (VOD), including licensed film databases
  • Digital signage
  • Reporting opportunity for cleaning and service personnel


  • IP over Ethernet and coax
  • WLAN


  • Increased comfort for guest and clients
  • Increased hotel revenue
  • Simplified control over room status and housekeeping
  • Communication of information to employees made easier

Improved HSE by muting entertainment in the event of general alarms