Leading and unique IPTV solutions based on your needs and requirements

Intelecom provides IPTV solutions for many different enterprises – on land and at sea – with various needs and demands. Among our customers are accommodation platforms, ships and hotels. Our integrated TV concept provides each customer with the opportunity to customise their own TV solutions at a reasonable price. Our aim has been to provide the Nordic market with solutions a little out of the ordinary, and we dare say that Intelecom’s TV-solutions are influential both in terms of services and user-friendliness.

In hotels, guests expect the right selection of TV channels, as well as access to the same services and opportunities as in their homes – for example Facebook, YouTube and Spotify. Many guests also want to be able to display their personal contents on the in-room TV screen.

Using the latest IPTV technology, Intelecom provides a cost-effective and future-oriented TV-solutions adapted to your needs. Besides basic functions such as HDTV, PVR and radio, our solutions include PAGA muting, CCTV integration and private messaging.

With Intelecom's digital signage solutions, you can share all kinds of information. Easily set up and share the desired contents on various screens in conference areas, cafeterias, waiting rooms, receptions, airports and other areas where people gather.