Wireless Network

Wireless network from Intelecom – complex solutions that are easy to use

Employees of a modern company expect a mobile workplace for efficient interaction and presence, wherever they are. This requires wireless connection to necessary resources in a simple way.

Intelecom is a wireless network specialist, with technology from Aruba – a market leading company in the HP group – and became the first certified Aruba Platinum Partner in Norway in 2005. Aruba is recommended by analysts such as Gartner Group, and has been among the most innovative companies within the wireless segment for years. Mobile employees are Aruba’s main concern, and all development happens with them in mind. While many providers are concerned solely with technology, Aruba is working towards creating complex solutions that are easy to use in everyday life.

Intelecom has extensive experience with designing, implementing and supporting these advances solutions, supported by Aruba’s expertise and solid support network. Major international companies such as Microsoft, have chosen to use Aruba for wireless distribution of business critical voice, video and data. Their solutions are certified for Microsoft Skype4B

For more details, see www.arubanetworks.com, or get in touch with us at Intelecom.