Wired Network

A modern network is dependent on correct configuration and an intelligent architecture.

We demand more and more of the network that is managing all data traffic in our companies. More and more data are saved in the cloud or on a server, and is loaded dynamically onto client equipment. More and more services develop to utilise data networks as a transmission channel. Important streams such as voice and video share the same network as other data, and this requires a robust network that has been set up correctly, in order to secure end-to-end quality, regardless of the network application. This means that a modern network is dependent on the correct configuration and an intelligent, thoroughly considered architecture in order to work properly.

Intelecom has top-level expertise and experience from complex deliveries to many companies with high standards. Our solutions will ensure that your network is running smoothly, and provide your IT department with the necessary security i.e. through dynamic performance adjustment, integrated pro-active monitoring and simplified provisioning.

As a system integrator, Intelecom has performed many complex installations where several systems must work together. Our smart choices of technology and solutions allow us to provide seamless integrations and serve as a Single-Point-of-Contact (SPOC) in complex environments with several providers. This provides your company with the safety of knowing that we are able to solve any occurring problems swiftly and smoothly. Intelecom is a leading provider of products from market leaders, and provide solutions from HP Enterprise, Aruba Networks, Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco among others.