Offshore LTE/4G

Offshore LTE/4G – a good communication solution for rigs and vessels

Intelecom provide a fully administrated end-to-end LTE based communication solution for rigs and vessels in the North Sea. Intelecom provides an LTE based communication solution focusing on coverage, availability, security, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Solution summary:

  • A solution based on a single network infrastructure and technology has proved to give high quality services, even in the toughest conditions.
  • Flexibility in terms of adjustments according to ongoing commercial changes and requirements
  • A robust solution built on a redundant network infrastructure with a wide range of value-adding services.
  • Coverage according to customer requirements across customer needs. Intelecom has installed a fully administrated solution including a complete package with end-to-end ownership from specification, project management, documentation and technical drafting, to installation, stacking / preservation, commissioning, service and office management and delivery, support and maintenance.