The best high performance and secure network solution for your company

The network is the pillar for all electronic communication in a company or organisation. With over 30 years of experience, Intelecom can, as your network partner, offer you the best solution based on cost and functionality, regardless of your provider. Our employees are highly skilled with extensive project experience, and through cooperation with market leaders such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Aruba and HP, we are also able to offer an impressive product portfolio.

The Intelecom Group was the first in Norway to be a certified Aruba Platinum Partner, which is Aruba's highest partner level. This means that we have technical personnel who are certified to the highest level, in order to provide our customers with the best and most qualified service and support. We have worked with Aruba for several years, and have established excellent knowledge and experience with our products and wireless networks.

Intelecom has top-level expertise and experience from complex deliveries to many companies with high standards. Our solutions ensure that your network is running smoothly, and provides your IT department with the necessary security i.e. through dynamic performance adjustment, integrated pro-active monitoring and simplified provisioning. As a system integrator, Intelecom performs many complex installations where several systems must work together.

Intelecom provide a fully administrated end-to-end LTE based communication solution for rigs and vessels in the North Sea. Intelecom provides an LTE based communication solution focusing on coverage, availability, security, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

As a leading provider of telecommunications systems for customers within oil, gas and shipping, Intelecom provides administration and monitoring services that will ensure your telecommunications environments run smoothly.