Consulting Services


We offer consulting services in Norway and the rest of the world

The needs of today’s organisations are rapidly changing. This is often a result of the market, sickness/leave of absence or project based deliveries. At Intelecom, we have flexible experts within many fields who appreciate the opportunity to take external jobs in Norway or other parts of the world. If you seek consultant help within fields such as Telecom, Project Management, Networking, Development or Technical Draught, we can provide our absolute best people, and they appreciate the opportunity to share their expertise and experience.

Our consultants and installation experts have their skills from global and complex projects, as well as several years’ of experience if both offshore and onshore telecommunication. Our portfolio consists of experienced field engineers, senior engineers and project managers with a good standing in the market. Our regular consultants are full-time employees, resulting in reliable and stable consultant services.

Intelecom is a supplier of large projects, both national and international. We deliver projects to markets such as offshore, hotels, transport as well as public and municipal sector, and we have extensive experience within areas such as development, IT and engineering.