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Communication Solutions from Intelecom

Intelecom is a leading provider of cloud-based and customer-located communications solutions for businesses. We are one of Norway’s largest system integrators and have been involved in many of the country’s largest communications projects since starting up in 1998. We also have a significant international business for the sale and delivery of our renowned cloud-based contact centre. Our solutions are built on the fundamental belief that good communication is rewarding.

Intelecom delivers custom solutions for unified communications. Modern communication solutions are rapidly evolving. Trends are numerous, and possibilities endless. Meanwhile, you have your own unique needs and requirements. You might be looking to increase the level of communication among branch offices and between your company and travelling employees. Perhaps you have considered whether BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) might be a relevant and efficient tool for your employees? Intelecom has over 30 years of experience if this field, and offers solutions for unified communications that meet all the requirements of the company regarding flexibility, scalability and security.

The network is the pillar for all electronic communication in a company or organisation. With over 30 years of experience, Intelecom can, as your network partner, offer you the best solution based on cost and functionality, regardless of your provider. Our employees are highly skilled with extensive project experience, and through cooperation with market leaders such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Aruba and HP, we are also able to offer an impressive product portfolio.

Intelecom provides IPTV solutions for many different enterprises – on land and at sea – with various needs and demands. Among our customers are accommodation platforms, ships and hotels. Our integrated TV concept provides each customer with the opportunity to customise their own TV solutions at a reasonable price. Our aim has been to provide the Nordic market with solutions a little out of the ordinary, and we dare say that Intelecom’s TV-solutions are influential both in terms of services and user-friendliness.

We offer consulting services in Norway and the rest of the world The needs of today’s organisations are rapidly changing. This is often a result of the market, sickness/leave of absence or project based deliveries. At Intelecom, we have flexible experts within many fields who appreciate the opportunity to take external jobs in Norway or other parts of the world. If you seek consultant help within fields such as Telecom, Project Management, Networking, Development or Technical Draught, we can provide our absolute best people, and they appreciate the opportunity to share their expertise and experience.