Customer Case Study: Thon Hotels

Intelecom replaced old telephone switchboards at more than 50 Thon hotels
Intelecom replaced old telephone switchboards at more than 50 Thon hotels

The Challenge

Thon had independent telephone switchboards at each individual hotel that required both replacement and upgrades. The chain had a need to modernise the telephone switchboards such that the hotels could have a common, uniform and more future-oriented telephony solution.

The Solution

Intelecom delivered a centralised telephony solution so that all IP-based telephone switchboards at all hotels could have the same equipment and level. We replaced switchboards at all Thon hotels throughout Norway, in an extensive project that went on for two to three years. Additionally, a contact centre solution for central booking was supplied, which included local booking at the hotels, with a back-up contact centre for central booking centrally. This guarantees that the customers always receive a response to enquiries, while also giving Thon an opportunity to conduct various surveys.


  • Upgraded solution at all times
  • The same technology at all hotels
  • Standardised services
  • Simpler operation of centralised solutions
  • Better synergies between the hotels
  • Significantly lower costs for the hotels, and an improved service level
  • Just one supplier to deal with
This is what Thon Hotels has to say

“We at Olav Thon Gruppen perceive Intelecom as a professional supplier of telephony services with extensive in-house expertise. We would like to emphasize our centralised Alcatel solution that contributes to standardise our services on a common platform. This, in combination with a tailored-for-Thon IN structure including Connect, contributes to earnings and a high service level for THSC and our hotels. Intelecom emerges as having skilled individuals in all positions, who display a high degree of service and focus on the solution when required. With main partner Telenor backing us up, this provides security for us as a customer.”

Sven Daae Johansen, Senior Consultant for ICT, Olav Thon Gruppen

66 hoteller i Norge
66 hotels in Norway
15% av alle bookinger utført gjennom telefon
15% of all bookings done over the phone
390 000 samtaler utført i gjennom Intelecoms løsning hvert år
390,000 conversations through Intelecom's solution every year

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